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Prairie Fire, the state flower of Wyoming, blooms in early summer around the Mountain West and is so incredibly bright red it can look luminous. The ones depicted here are a slightly shorter, purple stemmed variety that I see most often around my hometown. I illustrated this piece digitally on my iPad and then turned them into riso prints. Risography, or riso printing, is a digital process that maintains some of the great elements of hand printed work. Risograph machines digitally produce pieces, but in a process that is similar to screenprinting in that each color must be printed seperately. This creates a lovely grain and interesting effects from layering the colors. 



  • 11"x14"
  • Signed limited edition of 50
  • Fluoroescent yellow, lime green, and scarlet ink
  • Riso prints can be more sensitive to UV light so consider hanging it away from direct light or using a UV glass in your frame
  • 67lb bright white paper
  • These were printed by Risolve Studio, who use sustainable papers, plant-based inks, no chemical drying agents, and low consumable energy Riso machines.
  • Use code "laramie" for free local drop off.

Prairie Fire Riso Print

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